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Photos of the Star Wars Episode VII crew In Portmagee / Skellig Michael Co Kerry!

The Movie Bit is running photos which appear to be, according to them, J.J. Abrams being helicoptered to Skellig to film scenes for Star Wars: Episode VII. Head over to read their story.

The Movie Bit just updated with:

UPDATE 2052 GMT – Mark Hamill confirmed on location

Our Buddy Average Film Guy has sent us a pic of Mark Hamill from the shoot, confirming he’s there. We also know his family is with him but I am not going to post pictures of them as that treads into a weird territory. It appears they are filming in the monastery there too.



Viral over at Star Wars 7 News says:

  Skellig shoot will include 2 actors. He couldn’t reveal the identity of the other but I’m sure we’ll find out pretty soon.


Here is a complete gallery of of images: http://www.gettyimages.ie/search/2/image?artist=Charles+McQuillan&family=Editorial#

Day 2:

We have heard that in the water out there, they have a 2 mile temporary exclusion zone protected by the Irish Navy. We’ve also been told they had a great day out there with nice weather until about 6pm. Because of the haze the helicopter was not able to be used at the end of shooting when the weather lessened out there. They are also making sure not to disturb the bird life on the island so no planes flew over until a designated time.

Thanks to our buds below for the updates:

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