Return of the Jedi sound work is being conducted. For 4k version or are we getting those “unaltered” cuts?

It was recently uncovered that 4k scans of the original trilogy were completed. What follows below might be the sound mix work being conducted for the films. Some are speculating it might be for an unaltered original trilogy release. I still think that’s unlikely, but still slightly possible as it would still require a sound mix.  Our podcast brethren Jeremy Conrad of Furious Fanboys pointed us towards this tweet:


They’re either doing the sound mix for the 4k version of the Return of the Jedi (most likely) or perhaps an unaltered version of the original trilogy (least likely). Either way, Return of the Jedi is getting some sound mix work done. Either way, something interesting is going down with Return of the Jedi today. Hopefully it means special theatrical engagements are possible.

Edit: Brian brings up a good point about an old rumor that is probably also VERY likely:




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