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Review: “Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide” by Adam Bray.

Adram Bray’s Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide arrived today. I’ve spent most of the day going over the book. I love Star Wars and I love the details that enrich the universe. Bray’s book promises “characters – weapons – vehicles – locations” and it delivers. Unlike some books that use CGI animation in photos, the pictures do not look blurry and the lay out is pleasant. I feel like this book is handled at the same level as the film’s guides have been or will be. Some of the books hitting in the next few months really play up the Sabine splatter paint across the pages and this book doesn’t overdo the Jackson Pollack splatter paint and I can just stare at this guide all day.

The great thing about this DK release is it feels ageless. As an adult, I don’t feel like I’m reading a children’s book. There’s a depth to the presentation of the information that makes it appealing to adults but I can also see how the minutiae on Zeb’s bow-riffle being something children talk about on the playground. But things like speeders will be shown from the front, back, side, and there’s a good feel for all of it. If I had one criticism, it wouldn’t be fair. Sometimes the images are small and it becomes clear this sort of thing would be better digitally. But this is a book. I find it better to have small than to shy away from it. A digitally enhanced edition of this book would be most welcome though.

If you want quotes of dialog from the series, this book has it. If you want to know how old Hera Syndulla is, this book will tell you. If you want to know if Ezra made his own lightsaber, this book will inform you of that answer. If you want the first two episodes of the series spoiled, it will do that, but not entirely. There’s a lot missing on that front. But this is a guide, not a storybook.

StarWars.com shared these images from the book this week:

Without spoiling too much of the book, I found so many little different surprises. There’s some spoilers here.

It was so neat and innovative to see that Ezra’s lightsaber is also a blaster. That’s right, when he has the blade up in the air, he can deflect laser blasts and shoot back. I assume he can also just use the handle as a laser blaster by itself too. The book has tons of little things like this that just make it a joy to read. Expanded Universe fans will love seeing little details here and there that are not Star Wars Legends but canon as well.

I can’t recommend the book enough if you’re interested in the series. If you’re only going to buy a limited amount of Star Wars Rebels books this year, this might be the one you must own. The vast majority of the other books coming out way are centered around the first two episodes, whereas this books does that, but it also looks a little beyond the opening story and deals with the universe at that point in Star Wars’ most unexplored era.

Order your copy below:

Note: This book was not a review copy. I ordered it myself from Amazon.com.


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