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Rumor: Star Wars: Episode VII filming in UK’s Puzzlewood Forrest of Dean?

The Jedi News Facebook page has a really cool video up from a local newscast. There is a forest in the South West of the UK called Puzzlewood, which appears to be a filming location for Star Wars: Episode VII. Security is putting up large blue barriers to stop the crowds forming from seeing what is being filmed or carried to the cars outside the shoot.

This location might line up with the large tree house set we’ve heard about built at Pinewood Studios.

This photo from gives some idea as to what the forest looks like:


There is a message of the site which may give us some insight into the length of the filming:

Sorry – we are closed to the public from the 7th July to the 11th July inclusive.
It really could be Star Wars unless Pan is filming out there. Pretty fun stuff.
Update: This comes from a long time friend I trust:
My friend works security. He’s recently come back from Abu Dhabi, he’s not allowed to say what he was working on but everyone in my friends family knows. His new job? In Puzzlewood, Forest of Dean.


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