Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Soundtrack for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Seasons 1-6

Jedi News UK pointed the way to a Star Wars Underworld report, where details about the latest interview with Clone Wars and Rebels music composer Kevin Kiner revealed Lucasfilm’s plan of compiling a complete soundtrack for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. Kiner sat down with Everything Geek Podcast and had this to say about both The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, “[Rebels] is a cool reboot. I’m sure if you have seen any interviews with Dave Filoni or even myself, Dave’s really talking about going back to A New Hope, going back to the adventure, serialized feel that the first film had. The musical sensibility is a lot closer to what John [Williams] did for that film specifically, A New Hope, than what we were doing on Clone Wars.”

To listen to the entire podcast, click here.

For the current available Star Wars: The Clone Wars music tracks, visit Kevin Kiner’s website.

This is truly wonderful news because The Clone Wars series produced memorable and heart wrenching themes. Stay tuned for more as the news develops!

(via Jedi News UK, Star Wars Underworld)


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