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Star Wars: Episode VII Rumors: A Possible May 2016 Release?

Da7e over at Latino Review shared some rumors he has heard. I’ll leave it to you if you guy buy it or not. The gist:

JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy aren’t done wrestling with Bob Iger to push Star Wars: Episode VII back into 2016 with Batman, Superman and Captain America.

The story implies that Ford’s leg injury is going to be used to make the statement the film cannot be delivered on time. There’s a lot of politics involved in “beating” Iger and Kennedy and Abrams getting their way. The rumors suggest Abrams took himself out of the running for future Star Wars films so he really only has Star Wars: Episode VII to worry about.

The one thing to keep the film on track would be to use tricks with a Harrison Ford double but:

Abrams and Kennedy have been very adamant that they will not hire a body double and blend Harrison Ford’s Hobbled Han with digital trickery.

It should be noted, however, that while did note the two week break in their casting release, they also ended their last press release with:

Shooting remains on track to wrap in the fall with the film scheduled for release on December 18, 2015.

If shooting does wraps on time, pushing the film back doesn’t make as much sense to me on the surface. But the movie does have to be finished in time to do a 3D conversion of it. I would assume they don’t convert the whole film at once and that ILM is well into visual effects already. I would still bet the film comes out on time, personally. That said, the scenario is interesting and the rumors that they want a 2016 release have been somewhat persistent.

Like Da7e, we’ve heard a lot of crazy rumors about the film being delayed. The one interesting and more likely thing from the recent scenario is that the month of August is pretty much a month long break. The first week of August is for winding down, two weeks off, and a week to start to ramp up again. Unfortunately when it comes to the delay stuff, that’s a bit out of the realm of our source’s realm and I can only guess if the rumors sound legit or plausible, the same as you guys on this.


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