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Star Wars: Episode VII to film at Skellig Micheal, Ireland?

I’m updating via iPad. However, I’ve been on many magical adventures at SDCC which I will share soon. But first and foremost, I got this sent to me early yesterday morning and this is my first chance to share. I’m sure this is starting to break elsewhere by now. But this is what we heard yesterday:

Hi There

Some news on Star Wars Episode 7, filming locations,

Based here in Dublin ireland, i am hearing now of some confirmed filming of star wars 7 about to happen of all places Skellig Micheal a island off the south west coast of Co Kerry Ireland. I am unsure as of now if it is just 2nd unit scenery shots or if scenes filmed will have a cast member filmed.

The island is known for a old monastery situated on it.

See the wiki page for the location i am citing

If you use this call me the Rev.




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