Star Wars: Episode VII filming at Skellig Michael: Day 3 update and area pics!

Our buddy near the set of Star Wars: Episode VII has sent us a really in depth write up about the goings on out there at Skellig Michael today. It is in depth information like this that made me want to start this site. It isn’t all about spoilers, but about the production itself and what happened on this day:

So as I said, JJ flew in to Kerry Airport Monday night for filming Tuesday & Wednesday out at Skellig Michael, the larger of the two Skellig islands about 12km off the coast & about 20km from the dock they’re using at Portmagee.

The crew is based in Valencia island which is accessed by the road bridge you can see in the photographs, they call it “Basecamp” and signs for it & “LOC 1” (presumably Location 1 which points to the dock) are dotted around the roads surrounding Portmagee which is about a 30-40min drive from Kerry Airport.

The crew have a helicopter pad somewhere in a farmer’s field on Valencia but aren’t able to use it to get out to Skellig Michael as it may disrupt the wildlife which is mostly birds & is one of only a handful of Irish habitats for Puffins.

The crew are brought to and from Valencia by minibus and then out to the Island by one of the ferry boats which as I said have all been rented out for the shoot’s duration for €1000 a day plus their fee for piloting the boat. It takes about 45min to make the 20km trip.

The weather was good but the Atlantic is always a little rough out there,  2m/6ft crashing waves could clearly be seen through binoculars. Haze/mist came along around 5.30pm but it would have been bright until around 7.30-8pm with darkness around 9.30, I would think they’d have to stop filming by 8pm to have enough time to get back safely for the night, the high paths/steps can be very dangerous.

Security is fairly tight on the dock with ID tags given to the crew there & security supervises the getting on to the buses they have/call from a church a short distance away. There’s a small Garda (Irish police) presence along with an Irish navy ship stationed at the edge of the peninsula about 5km away from Portmagee.

A couple of Paparazzi have stationed themselves on the road leading up to the mountain just West of the town & as you saw from my Twitter picture they have a great view of the harbour and the boats returning.

Hope you find the pics interesting, as Skellig Michael was pretty much in silhouette it was difficult to get any detail even at maximum zoom but at least they show the island as they were filming.

I think maybe Luke has set up a Jedi academy somewhere quiet, it would be an excellent place to train some Padawan!
It was fun to get down there & peek into the truck wondering what secrets it contained & the area has wonderful scenery. Enjoy the pics &…
May the force be with you


C. also included an awesome gallery of images for us to look at from Day 3:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Star Wars 7 News also posted this tweet of Mark Hamill and has some information of their own to share:


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