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Speculation: Is John Boyega’s character set up in Star Wars Rebels or have things been confused?

The Wolf Pack shared this image a few days ago:

In Star Wars Rebels, when Jai Kell is arrested, Zare Leonis betrays the Empire and gives our rebel heroes information to help rescue Jai.

What does this have to do with Star Wars: Episode VII?

Well if you recall we shared some rumors that John Boyega’s character is a Stormtrooper in Star Wars: Episode VII and he defects to the good side after being saved by Daisy Ridley’s character.

I mean no disrespect to our sources, but it has made me wonder if Leonis’ character has confused things. What if concept art for a scene of a young black man in Stormtrooper gear was observed and the assumption was it was from Star Wars: Episode VI? But what if it was just Zare from the animated show and not Boyega’s character in the feature film? Honest mistake.

I hate to be the guy to also suggest that all black people in the Star Wars story are related but Jedi News original story about a character in Star Wars Rebels whohad lineage in Star Wars: Episode VII made me wonder if perhaps Boyega is Zare Leonis’ son/heir.

Jedi News:

I am being told that not only will he be in Episode 7 but the plan is for him to also be in Rebels playing a character that sets up his Episode VII character!

However, the idea that a father and son are both turncoat Stormtroopers seems a bit much to me. Unless this is the one time Zare does the right thing and goes on to be corrupted by the Empire as time goes on, in which case Boyega’s character would represent the redemption of the family name.

Just some food for thought here. Jedi News’ source was hit and miss and I’m sure things changed a lot behind the scenes to further complicate things. One thing is for sure, with so many different Star Wars projects going on, we’re going to have to be careful not to confuse which story the rumors actually pertain to.

Edit: I want to make it clear that I still stand by our source and the original report. But errors can be made and as always, I’m sharing what I hear and see within reason.

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