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This is my absolute favorite Star Wars documentary of all time, at least for the original trilogy. If you’ve never seen it, I suggest watching it again. I also want to note, I’m a fan of the alterations to the films over the years for the most part. But when I want nostalgic Star Wars, it looks like the footage in this video. Grainy, aged, obscuring, and somehow still beautiful. That’s my nostalgic trip. This video is also part of that trip because back in the 80’s when we only had three Star Wars videos and the Ewok spin-offs, this tape got a lot of play. I’ll watch the 4k version or the Blu-rays with all the alterations, but there’s something really special about just watching the VHS tapes sometimes which is why I don’t have a real dog in that fight like some people. Maybe I just like Star Wars too much? Impossible!

Thanks to Matt Martin and’s YouTube page for getting this gem to us:

I meant to post this earlier but waiting 9 weeks for it to finish made it slip my mind.