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Wrestler Sheamus at Skellig Michael and rumored to play iconic character in Star Wars: Episode VII!

This is one of those rumors where you have to just shrug it off. This might be one of those crazy rumors we all look back on and laugh at in a few years (or maybe today even).

I don’t know anything about wrestling unless it has to do with Ravishing Rick Rude in 1988. Normally I wouldn’t even report this story in this state. However, a lot of Star Wars sites, us included via our sources that have delivered solid information in the past, have told us that Darth Vader suits of armor have been created during the production of Star Wars: Episode VII. We usually thought perhaps they were made for those rumored Darth Vader television specials we heard about via Jedi News a while ago and had little if anything to do with the production of Star Wars: Episode VII. 

I do have to say, it would not surprise me if someone was cast as the official Darth Vader for the spin-offs, specials, and whatever else Lucasfilm needs their most iconic character for. It should be noted that Sheamus has portrayed Darth Vader on promotional tours in the past.

Is Sheamus hanging out at Skellig Michael a smoking gun or is there something else to it? He is apparently on the way there on July 28th, 2014. The wrestler also says he cannot confirm he will not be reprising the role of Darth Vader, which is clearly meant to tease fans, so all that really does is tell us he’s aware of the rumor.

I am skeptical but the Skellig Micheal tweet is truly the bit I am biting at. Hopefully someone in the know can set us on the right path here. We’re not backing it up and saying he’s playing Darth Vader, so don’t shoot the messenger on this one. I will say, a wrestler playing Vader isn’t really any more ridiculous than a body builder.

The only question left to answer is if Darth Vader iconography appears in the film somehow and if so, is Sheamus playing that? I don’t like to speculate that there will be flashbacks, as Star Wars has never done them before in a film. Past tumors have said that Adam Driver’s character is obsessed with Darth Vader and other rumors have stated Darth Vader does return but who is under the helmet is a huge mystery with a reveal.

At this point, I would bet that Darth Vader’s image isn’t in the film at all. But you never know, right?


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