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Andrews Review: Star Wars Rebels: A New Hero by Pablo Hidalgo

Star Wars Rebels: A New Hero

By: Pablo Hidalgo

Published by: Disney Lucasfilm Press

Available: August 5th, 2014

Star Wars Rebels: A New Hero is set between Star Wars: Episode III and Star Wars: Episode IV. It takes you on an exciting journey into the new adventures of the highly anticipated animated series Star Wars Rebels, with beautiful illustrations based off of the visual world from Ralph McQuarrie.

As seen through Ezra Bridger’s eyes he is thrown into the mix of a this makeshift family of rebels after living his entire life alone on a planet named Lothal. Lothal has been taken over by the evil Galactic Empire and Ezra likes to mess with the stormtroopers as well as creating problems for them. Although he only knows what he has learned on his own which gets him into trouble sometimes, he is not aware of the greater picture beyond Lothal until he meets these rebels and is quickly learning his role in the universe and a little something about himself. As well as the evil rule the Empire has placed on the galaxy. In A New Hero, Ezra describes each member of the crew of The Ghost(their handy ship) and what role they play in the larger picture.

For a book that is aimed for ages 6-8 it is an easy read, but a great one. There aren’t too many pages that will bore a child either. If I had a child, I would love to use this book as an introduction to the Star Wars universe. I highly recommend this book for parents to pick up. It does an excellent  job of simply setting up and explaining how the characters meet that forever change their lives with beautiful illustrations and simple paragraphs. It quickly connects you to the characters we meet and want to root for them. You understand that they don’t like the Empire and why they are fighting.

For a simple story it does a great job of telling the importance of family and friends. That special bond you form with others that understand you. You understand that big brother or father figure relationship between Ezra and Kanan. That older sister feel of Sabine and the motherly figure of Hera. And we can’t forget that annoying older brother out of Zeb and that cat like cranky droid, Chopper. It really is a family and it makes you excited to find out more about their adventures together. Saying that, I feel Ezra is the perfect character to show these examples to young readers as he is learning important lessons along the way just as the reader is.

Star Wars Rebels: A New Hero is available for purchase now, or you can pick up the book when it is released on August 5th, 2014.


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