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Brian’s Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Saves the Day Review


Brian’s Chopper Saves the Day Review

“Stickers!” was my immediate reaction when I opened Chopper Saves the Day. I suspect that the actual target audience will have much the same first impression.

This particular book is aimed at the very young. It is the sort of book I picture as being one that is read to a child, or intended to be one of the very first of their reading journey. The sort of audience that just might be distracted by the colorful stickers of the cast of the show that adorn the inside covers.

As the title suggests, this book is centered around Chopper the droid, who is poised to become a huge fan favorite in the new “Rebels” series. The story follows the little guy during an exiting action piece that has the crew of the Ghost escaping from a group of pursuing TIE fighters. It is similar to the escape from the Death Star scene in A New Hope, but with more bickering.

The quick tale highlights the humor and lightheartedness that we have seen so far in other promotional material for the show. The colorful pictures look like they are screenshots from the show itself (the “plot”, as it were, seems to be taken directly from an upcoming episode). Children will love having a little piece of the program that they can hold in their own hands.

This is a perfect little book for a pre-nap time read along. Parents: don’t forget to read it with the sound effects.


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