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Brian’s Review: Star Wars Rebels: Ezra’s Gamble

Ezra's Gamble

Brian’s Ezra’s Gamble Review

Star Wars Rebels: Ezra’s Gamble, the junior novel prequel to the upcoming Rebels series, accomplishes several tasks exceptionally well. The world of Lothal and life of our hero Ezra are introduced and come to life convincingly. A bridge is made with the now defunct Clone Wars by bringing back a fan favorite in Bossk. And it stands as a ripping fun Star Wars adventure in it’s own right.

The exciting thing is how much the world of Rebels feels very “Original Trilogy”. The Empire has had years to establish itself, and stormtroopers and TIE Fighters are omnipresent. Apart from having grass instead of sand, Lothal is a fitting surrogate for Tatooine, with it’s mixture of scattered farms in the wilderness and crime lords running the cities. If this is a glimpse into how the new show handles itself, they’ve completely nailed the tone.

The story itself is a great adventure with set pieces that harken back to classic Star Wars scenes, such as bar fights and speeder chases. The best trick though is bringing back Bossk. He’s a fun character, and is written just the same as he was in Clone Wars. The plot has him teaming up and being a reluctant mentor of sorts for Ezra. I would almost love to see a buddy-cop series with these two.

Ezra is introduced as a sort of a Charles Dickens style street urchin, involved with petty criminals in a scheme to scalp tickets to a local sporting event. Only 14 years old, he is self-sufficient and live on his wits and displays an uncanny natural ability to pilot. Not much time is spent on what makes him such a natural, but the seeds have been cast.

Ezra’s Gamble is a fun title that will be sure to whet the appetite until the full fledged Rebels hits the screen. As a junior novel, it should hit the sweet spot of the target audience just about perfectly.


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