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Brian’s Star Wars: Rebels: Rise of the Rebels Review!


Rise of the RebelsBrian’s Rise of the Rebels Review

Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Rebels is a worthy tie-in to the new series Rebels that young readers will enjoy having in their collection. If your child if a fan of the adventures of the Ghost crew and progressing into “chapter books”, this is a worthy title to help encourage them down the rewarding path of reading.

The book is arranged as a series of short stories that features each of the main characters of the new program. We start off with Hera, Kanan and Chopper being pursued in the Ghost by a group of TIE fighters. It is a humorous bit that establishes the trio as a great team, even if Chopper feels his tasks are beneath his intelligence and would much rather just go have an oil bath.

Next we meet Sabine, the great Mandalorian warrior and artist. She gets a nifty little action scene where she sabotages a TIE facility with style and an excess of purple paint. We then meet Zeb, a fearsome warrior with a heart of gold. He helps an Ugnaught that is being harassed by a bunch of rude stormtroopers. He saves the day of the downtrodden and refuses a reward. We should all be a little more like Zeb.

Finally we are introduced to Ezra, the artful dodger. It is established that he is surviving on his own wits and skill, not to mention the items that he lifts off of Imperial ships and resells on the black market. Interestingly, it is also hinted that he has the ability to see things before they happen…

I am a huge advocate of encouraging the younglings among us to discover the wonderful world of reading, and this seems like a good title for a child that is can already read on their own and are ready for something a bit more challenging. I really like the way the book is arranged. Each adventure is further broken down into several bite sized chapters, giving a steady sense of reward to the reader as they progress.

I suspect that these tales were adapted from upcoming episodes (the title page states that it is based on stories by “Rebels” authors), ones that we haven’t seen yet but before too long will be replayed over and over on many DVRs. If your child is a fan, then that’s all the more reason to have this title, as they will compliment and reinforce the comprehension of each other, and anything that drives a child to pick up a book is a very good thing indeed.

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