Congratulations to Liz Perales for becoming an approved “Star Wars Rebels” Rebel Legion Sabine!

Congratulations to our homie Liz Perales for being the first Rebel Legion costume approved for the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels. Liz and her family exemplify everything right about being Star Wars fans and having fun with your family. They are just a good spirited bunch and they’ve made a lot of people happy with their excellent work, attention to deal, and enthusiasm. 

It was totally a no-brainer to approve Liz, I’m sure! She is Sabine! Look at her! That’s Sabine Wren!  Put her in the movies, now. Get Gary Whitta, get Simon Kinberg, get Rian Johnson, we gotta talk scripts, we just cast Sabine for serious.

We’re excited she was approved because here at MakingStarWars.net we feel she should have been pre-approved! That’s right. We don’t even know how that works, but we’re that jazzed about this. Pre-approve the whole family while you’re at it.

In all seriousness, she nailed it from day 1 and as her costume has evolved, it has only become more stunning. We’re happy to see her get recognized and for kicking so much ass with her family, and being the best Star Wars Rebels costumers there are. 

Liz Rebel Legion

In case you don’t know, this is Liz’s awesome family, the Rogue Rebels, rebelling at the food court:

(Left to right: Liz as Sabine, Lizzie as Hera, Sal as Kanan and Axel as Ezra)


Nice work Liz and family!

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