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Elaine Reviews Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Saves The Day


Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Saves The Day is one member of the new line of juvenile fiction books set to hit store shelves TODAY. Here’s my review:

The book itself isn’t very long, and it seems to be marketed toward kids who are skilled readers, but aren’t quite practiced enough to get into novels; so you’re probably looking at kids from ages five to eight years old. It details a really cool, fast-paced story that I believe comes directly from an episode of Star Wars Rebels.

The scene is set with Hera, Kanan, and Chopper aboard The Ghost and engaged in a space battle with Imperial TIE fighters. We’ve seen footage of this scene already in trailers and also in a clip released at Wondercon. What’s neat about transforming it into a short story is that it allows young Star Wars fans and readers to relive the scene from the show whenever they want (as well as encouraging them to become more active readers).

As indicated by the title, Chopper is a very big part of this scene, in both a humorous and a heroic way. Reading more about this little droid has made me a huge fan of him. Just by the footage I saw of him, I was worried that he would be a little too independent, to the point where he wasn’t even droid-like anymore; just basically a cat in the guise of a machine. But he still has to follow directives like any other droid, which actually makes him more endearing  because of the way he is able to wrangle his way around instructions to make his own decisions and save everybody else. It’s just the right mixture of droid obedience and snarky independence that we’ve seen a little bit of in R2-D2.

The illustrations in this book look like screenshots straight from the footage, which I think is a good idea. It will help readers to connect the words describing the scene to the scene itself in their imaginations. The book comes with stickers, which look really cool; they include the rebels, chopper, TIE fighters, plus some cool symbols.

All in all, I would totally buy this for my kid, if I had one. With its close adherence to the television show and the stickers, the book becomes engaging, which I think is a smart marketing move. It’s also a great way to cultivate your youngling’s interest in Star Wars, and introduce them to a whole new era of the fandom, which is Star Wars Rebels.

You can buy Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Saves The Day TODAY from Amazon, here. Stay tuned for more reviews!


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