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Elaine Reviews Star Wars Rebels: Zeb To The Rescue, Level 1

World of Reading Star Wars Rebels: Zeb to the Rescue Level 1

A great thing about the popularity of the Star Wars franchise: it gives us more literature, not just for adult fans, but for the youngest of the younglings as well. Star Wars Rebels: Zeb To The Rescue is an excellent example of the latter. Check out my review:

Being a Level 1 children’s reader from Disney, the writing here is very simplistic, and very much to the point. That doesn’t make the content any less enjoyable, though. It describes who Zeb is, and takes you through a little adventure that shows off Zeb’s physical strength and skills. It takes care to mention that Zeb is a rebel, and that as such, he stands up for what is right. It’s a great introduction into the Lasat’s character.

Even though this is just a beginning reader’s book, I like the fact that the scene adapter, Michael Siglain, took the time to stress that rebels are people who fight for what’s right. I think it’s easy to form misconceptions about what being a rebel really means, especially for kids. In today’s society, for example, kids might come to think that being a rebel means being “bad,” and breaking all the rules. Star Wars Rebels, though, seems like it’s trying to send the message that rebels are just people working towards a righteous cause, and standing up for what they believe in spite of the enemies working just as hard against them. This is an important thing to me, because I know that if I had kids, I would appreciate it if the television shows and the books that my kids were exposed to were not just fun, but also actually had a positive influence on their lives. You can’t start too early with values, and Zeb To The Rescue amplifies that idea.

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