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Casting Rumors: Joseph Gordon Levitt to have a cameo in Star Wars: Episode VII? Noah Segan?

This one is a little bit tricky. Casting rumors are not our forte here. That’s for the bigger sites that talk to agents and all that jazz. Joesph Gordon Levitt in Star Wars: Episode VIII has been making the rounds lately. The rumor has been he would be in Star Wars: Episode VIII and IX. That makes sense considering Rian Johnson is directing both of those films and he works with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Noah Segan who has been rumored to be in the second and third installments of the sequel trilogy as well. I always noted it but never jumped at it because it seemed possible, but somewhat of a reduction based on past trends considering who the director has worked with the most.

Well now Zee Studio has tweeted this:


I have no idea if that means it was all true and they’re putting a cameo of the character in VII we still extrapolated upon in VIII. But there you have it, the rumor is getting around to other outlets. I do not know what Z Studio even is, to be honest. Did they simply connect the dots and see Levitt has worked with Rian Johnson? Maybe. I can’t say.

If you’re interested in seeing these two actors at work with Rian Johnson, I suggest checking out Brick and Looper. At the very least, if you haven’t seen them, watch those films to get familiar with the director and writer of Star Wars: Episode VIII and IX. The greatest mystery is still as to why they haven’t announced Rian Johnson who is directing the films in an official manner.



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