Nathan Hamill’s Lavabear visits Star Wars: Episode VII’s set!

Our favorite Jedi, Mark Hamill, took an epic photo in front of the Star Wars: Episode VII sign at Pinewood Studios with the infamous Lavabear last month. Lavabear is designed by Mark Hamill’s very talented son, Nathan Hamill.

On the Irish island of Skellig Michael, Mark Hamill was seen filming at the location, his family in tow for the shoot. Well, seeing as how we at are fans of of both Mark Hamill’s films and Nathan Hamill’s art, we came across that awesome Lavabear once again on Nathan Hamill’s StoreEnvy page where you can buy his works and decided it might be worth sharing for the possible Star Wars: Episode VII connection. If these structures are not seen in the film, at least you’re checking out an artist’s work, right?

It appears that Lavabear is checking out the ruins at Skellig Michael:


Here is a photo of the location in general found on Google, confirming the younger Hamill was indeed on the Irish island when he photographed Lavabear doing his thing:


Check out Nathan Hamill’s artwork here.

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