Meet the Creators of Star Wars: Commander

starwars-apple-store-sohoDisney Interactive and Lucasfilm launched a new free-to-play combat strategy game for iOS, entitled Star Wars: Commander. The game allows players to choose between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, build and defend bases, lead forces into battle, and carry out missions across a variety of planets. To accompany the release, a team of developers from Disney Interactive and Lucasfilm spoke about contributing to the Star Wars franchise at an Apple retail store event in New York City. Nathan Etter (Vice President, Disney Interactive), Christopher Winters (Art Director, Disney Interactive), and Matt Fillbrandt (Senior Producer, Lucasfilm) joined video game journalist and Spike TV host Geoff Keighley on the stage to discuss the app, present a demo, and answer audience questions.

The tweets continue on Storify.

Download the app today for your iOS devices.

An iTunes podcast version of the event will be made available soon by Apple. Also, check out Eric Geller’s detailed report of the event over at Stay tuned for more!


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