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Peter Mayhew says Star Wars: Episode VII will be the best Star Wars film and have very little digital effects.

Blastr shares a little bit of Peter Mayhew’s words from the Wizard World San Antonio Comic Con where Mayhew sings the praises of the new film:

“J.J. Abrams-directed Episode VII “will be the best Star Wars film I will have seen.” Mayhew added the film will utilize no, or very little, computer generated effects and will instead be very practical.

It is exciting to think that Peter Mayhew has such confidence in what he has seen of the film he is sure it will be the best. I think the digital effects comment is still a bit overblown.

As for behind the scenes tidbits, Mayhew revealed that the day this table read photo was taken, he had previously seen many of his former costars like Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, but it was the first time in a while he had met with Harrison Ford. Mayhew said the actor nearly “throttled” him with a hug.

It is awesome to know Han and Chewie are back together again.

When asked about being treated like royalty by younger actors, he said Hayden Christensen and even Ewan McGregor viewed him as an “old professor” on the Episode III set. Mayhew said he advised Christensen how much Star Wars impacts the lives of the people in it and when the young Anakin saw him again at a premiere and agreed, the once and future Wookiee told him he’d “graduated.”

I hope to see those guys all back together again one day for a new film.



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