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Debunked: Wanna see a photo of a Star Wars: Episode VII’s Stormtrooper? We might have one!

EDIT: It is very doubtful this is an Episode VII Stormtrooper.  Devious Matt writes in and points out a Stormtrooper from an exhibit that looks exactly the same:

The original report:

A reliable friend once again points us towards the direction of something interesting. A Stormtrooper. Maybe a Star Wars: Episode VII Stormtrooper? The visor is similar to how we heard it looked it in the previous reports, a single lens with minor variations. The photo is by Christopher Francis. If anyone knows anymore about this photo, let us know! All in all, if this is a photo of a new Stormtrooper, they’re not that different!

Here are the photos of the Stormtrooper and two other Pinewood Studios pictures which places him at the location:

Stormtrooper Photo

I lightened this one really quickly so you could see the visor better:

Stormtrooper 5

original-stunt-stormtrooper-helmet Stormtrooper Photo2 Stormtrooper Photo3Stormtrooper Photo4Anything is possible, I suppose. The picture is from Pinewood probably. Hopefully a source chimes in to set that straight either way. Still, you can enjoy the photos of Pinewood.




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