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Please help Now, This is Podcasting! upgrade our equipment!

Dear readers & Now, This is Podcasting! listeners,

We could really use your help! We have lost access to quality podcasting equipment in the past week, specifically microphones and audio interfaces. We’re not going to let that stop us, of course. As you have heard, we released a podcast this week on a shoestring budget. The quality of our content was fine, but the quality of our equipment, not so much!

Our goal is to ask our vast and awesome audience for a few bucks to replace what we are missing. We have already spent a lot money on the computer side of things because we have often mixed the show at our house anyhow. So really just the mics and interfaces are missing.

Basically, if every one of our average listeners gave us a dime, we would be good to go!

What is needed at bare minimum:
Avid Fast Track Duo – $199.00 (Sweetwater)

Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone $349.00 (Sweetwater) … 7Aod_AYA0g

XLR cable 10′ $19.99 (Sweetwater)

Adjustable Desk mic stand $12.95 (Sweetwater)

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones $99.95 (Sweetwater)

Total= $680.89

Now, This is Podcasting! has rarely missed a week in the last 44 weeks. We only missed a week because my son, Luke, was born. We’re seriously dedicated to bringing you weekly fun Star Wars discussion. So that said, we promise to continue to offer you the same great free show and just ask if you can, to please help us!

If I had the money right now, I would never ask our listeners for a dime. But today I am. We’ll give you years of weekly content at a higher quality than ever before if you can help! Please Now, this is Podcasting! listeners, you’re our only hope!

Click the link below to help out! Or click here if on a mobile device.


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