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A Quick Review of Star Wars Rebels: Meet the Rebels by Sadie Smith.

Last night I picked up a reader Star Wars Rebels: Meet the Rebels by Sadie Smith. The book is listed as “Beginning to Read Alone” level 2.

Meet the Rebemsl

For adults, the book doesn’t offer a lot in terms of story or plot. For children, the book introduces the cast of the show. Each photo will have a a character break down and bio. It is almost like the Star Wars: Rebels Visual Guide but for smaller children who are reading independently. Sometimes there are little annotations. Like Ezra’s pages feature a photo of Ezra and notes “messy hair” and “belt for tools.” Another photo shows his knee armor and says “knee protection.” Strangely they note Kanan’s shoulder armor but nothing else for any of the other rebels or antagonist beyond one “Stormtrooper.”

The layout and pictures are really good, however, I particularly liked the image of Ezra using Chopper to fly.

The end of the book features a quiz to test your Star Wars Rebels memory that I found fun.

I’m an adult looking at a children’s book. So I can’t really come down hard on it. The photos are good quality. This is one to buy your kids but will not have a lot to offer you as a mature reader. You will probably enjoy the pictures. I recommend this book if you have the others, but I think I prefer the others much more, like Zeb to the Rescue as it tells a story you can enjoy in a very basic way if you’re 4 or 40.

If you’re looking for a book to introduce your children to the characters and see if they’re interested in the series, this is the book to get.


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