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Rumor Based Speculation: Star Wars: Episode VII Two Empires Strike Back?

What is the climate of the galaxy in Star Wars: Episode VII? An Imperial Civil War?

Let me preface this with a note I hope you remember: I haven’t confirmed this with multiple sources but multiple sources have hinted at this “climate” in various ways over the last several months. I’m not promising this situation is the accurate truth. I’m just passing on what I’ve been shown and what is out there and attempting to connect the dots. This stuff has been teased, and if I’m reading the teasing correctly it could be correct. But I might be like a conspiracy theorist that connects the dots but leaves out crucial points that change the scenario greatly. If the rumors are in any way grounded that have been making the rounds, this is the picture being painted right now. The chance of all the rumors being on? Unlikely. So I’m running this under the guise of speculation (which most everything probably should be to an extent anyhow). I’ve seen a lot things that have left me scratching my head. Not everything adds up yet on all fronts.

I think this is too fun to not share and or comment on.

  • I have heard the term “Renegade Empire” a few times now in regards to chrome Stormtroopers.
  • There is no New Republic.
  • The Empire persists.
  • We then have rumors that Han Solo isn’t flying the Falcon any longer, he’s commanding an Imperial Super Star Destroyer.

Based on these rumors, it appears some of the Empire surrenders to the Rebel Alliance after the death of Emperor Palpatine. However, those Imperials that go to Endor to punish the natives? They don’t surrender and there’s a lot of them. So many that 35 years later, they are not defeated.

It paints the picture of an Imperial Civil War.

There are little things I’ve heard that suggest the Empire was too big to overthrow and our heroes understood they had to change the Empire from within, hand it back over to democracy, restore the Republic, and put an end to the evil Empire. However, Luke Skywalker steps away from that, leaving the galaxy to figure itself out while he deals with his own quest of sorts. The “good” Empire persists because it most conquer the “evil” Empire and democracy is given the backseat in the name of security once again.

Perhaps with this in mind, the end goal of this trilogy is to restore the Galactic Republic?

I think the various rumors hitting paint an interesting picture and backdrop in which to tell tons of new stories on screen, in comics, books, and video games. The story telling opportunities seem rather great, which makes me think there might be something to this. Hopefully in the near future we hear something about the climate of the galaxy to put this all into focus.



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