Slashfilm sat down with executive producer Dave Filoni at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss the upcoming series, Star Wars Rebels. In the latest portion of the interview, Dave Filoni talks about the role of the Inquisitor and provides explanation behind his existence. Many fans have wondered why Darth Vader doesn’t have a prominent role in the series, hunting down the remaining Jedi and being the threat that he’s known for. Some claim the Inquisitor merely exists for toy sales, but Filoni looks at the situation logically.

At the point we are, so many years later, [Jedi] are so few and far between that I don’t think he would follow up every lead. Because one of the things that’s muddled the whole operation, in my mind, is kids being born that can use the Force. The Emperor and Vader don’t really want them around either. But they’re so unnotable, you needed a group of hunters, attack dogs. And so we have an Inquisitor that goes out and hunts these guys down.

The galaxy is a vast place. Tasking Vader with the job to hunt down Jedi is expected, but at the same time, he has other priorities. An elite and specially trained group of Jedi hunters is needed to handle the random Force users popping up throughout the galaxy. Vader can’t possibly handle all of that on his own and he needs these “attack dogs” to do the job for him.

And the Inquisitor is left to be this kind of hunting dog. He finds you, he analyzes you, even by fighting against them, saber to saber, he’s learning about you. Who taught you, where you came from, how old you are. Sometimes what your name is. Because they have all the records and he’s meticulously studied them. So, you know, he can break down pretty quickly who Kanan is just by fighting him in a lightsaber fight.

Personally, the Inquisitor sounds more interesting than Darth Vader, at the moment. While Vader takes it upon himself to end you as quickly as possible, the Inquisitor takes his time to learn everything about you before he strikes. I like that he plays the “cat and mouse” game with people like Kanan and Ezra, who are inexperienced in the Jedi way and less confident in their abilities.

I agree with Filoni and the importance of having an individual that could expertly handle these low-level jobs. As one user commented, “I’m fine with this corner of Star Wars exploring the rest of the universe that’s happening periphery to what we already know. It’ll be cool to bump into familiar characters every once in a while, but the Star Wars galaxy is vast enough for lots of other stories and character arcs too.”

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(via Slashfilm)