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Slashfilm’s Complete Interview With Dave Filoni

After the Star Wars Rebels screening during San Diego Comic-Con weekend, Slashfilm approached executive producer Dave Filoni with a handful of burning questions about the highly anticipated series. Snippets of this interview were released earlier throughout the week, but now you can read the complete interview. Filoni discusses the current work environment for Rebels, how this new series differs in the storytelling process compared to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Kanan Jarrus’ presence as a Jedi in relation to Luke Skywalker, the role of the Inquisitor, and much more.

The most important thing to come away with from this interview is that the galaxy is a vast place with countless planets and more than a million stories to tell. The series carries with it the tone and feel of the old trilogy, but the story being told in Rebels does not have to connect directly to Star Wars: A New Hope.

I think the galaxy’s big enough to imagine that our crew is having its own adventure and maybe they never know or maybe they hear about a Death Star at some point. Probably not. Maybe they hear about this thing that gets blown up. But it would be an interesting perspective to not be involved with that and just hear about it. I mean, I would be voting on the [Lucasfilm] Story Council to go more in that direction. We’ve got so many stories to tell now in this universe that it really can go anywhere.

Personally, I want to have new stories with new characters on new planets. I don’t want to revisit or see too many familiar faces from the original trilogy because it takes away what made the old trilogy films so special. Rebels has the opportunity to widen this galaxy for us in the same way Star Wars: The Clone Wars did. No need to limit it to what we already know because where’s the fun in that?

If you’d like to read the entire interview, click here.


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