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Star Wars: Episode VII Empires always have an Emperor.

Late last night, Latino Review dropped a spoiler they heard. This spoiler was then corroborated by Badass Digest.

The rumor? Emperor Palpatine is back. Latino Review says in the Micheal Arndt draft, he was a ghost and that all shifted when J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan took over the writing for the subsequent drafts. I should note, however, that when Latino Review ran the ghost rumor a year ago, someone very important at Lucasfilm contacted me to say that the story  was not accurate in any way. This person wouldn’t lie to me, so I am of the mind set the original report wasn’t accurate. So now with this second rumor popping, I’m not really all in on it yet.

In addition, Latino Review says the photograph of the concept art of the cyborg is none other than Palpatine himself. However, Indie Revolver, who released the pic, say their source is standing firm that it is not Palpatine.


To make it clear, I haven’t heard anything about Palpatine’s return. Based on the things I have heard in the last few months, it would seem his resurrection is rather fresh or he just returned to the “game” so to speak.

I also feel like noting that there is an Empire in the film. That is a fact to me. That means there is an Emperor. So when I hear the Emperor is back and he’s not played by Ian McDiarmid, I ponder if the Emperor as a rank and the Emperor as a classic character are getting crossed. I’m not saying anyone is wrong or right, I clearly have no clue on that front. But I can see a scenario where they refer to the Emperor in the film and a scoop sharer thinks they mean Palpatine.

I do know that there is an Empire and that means there is an Emperor leading that Empire. I also find it interesting that this news hits shortly after we learn that Darth Maul was resurrected via Mother Talzin, but she lost her body in the process and she and Palpatine studied together the dark powers she possesses. Still, the Emperor falling down the shaft and then exploding in the Death Star II doesn’t really explain why the Emperor would be part man, part machine at all.

I’m not on board with this rumor, but I appreciate Latino Review “passing on what they have learned.”


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