Star Wars: Episode VII Han Solo Costume Concept Art!

Those cool cats at Indie Revolver have done it again. As I write this, I’m waiting for them to post the concept art.

The rumor has been that Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII has a trench coat. But it isn’t camouflage like it was in on Endor for Star Wars: Episode VI. Han’s pants are the the classic pants we’ve always seen him and his shirt is pretty much the same. However, there is a stripe near the collar, probably yellow. We’ve also heard about another concept not unlike his Hoth snow outfit. Another rumor had all the same details but no trench coat, which might mean he takes it off for a sequence. So those are the rumors we’ve heard from a few different sources over the summer so far. Below, you will see Indie Revolver’s scoop come to fruition in the present for you, the future for me:

solo1 Solo2


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Jason Ward (EIC)

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