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Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor about Bad Guy and some elaboration.

Badass Digest has shared a little about the villain in Star Wars: Episode VII:

There’s a main Inquistor villain (I don’t know his name) Want to know what he looks like?

He wears a black robe. His eyes are deep red. And half of his face is metal. He’s a cyborg. That was his hand in the picture JJ Abrams shared with the note about A Force For Change.

They left off the money though. The money is that he’s holding Darth Vader’s helmet. Three sources have now reported this to me in the last two days. I’m not sure why that was withheld in the Badass Digest report, but it was.

The thing to remember is that it was concept art. Take General Grievous for instance. In some concept art he’s a baby in a floating chair guarded by two IG-88 type droids. Things in concept art can be pruned. The hand we saw could be a cyborgs hand or it could have been pulled and decided it was Luke Skywalker’s hand. I’m not saying that’s the case here. But it is concept art and that’s not a sure deal.



And with that, Indie Revolver has shared the image:



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