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Star Wars Episode VII Rumor: A fishy trap.

Jedi News is running a rumor:

Yeah, you guessed it the beloved Mon Calamari of the planet Dac will be gracing our screens in Episode VII and not just in a background role. Just like their appearance in Return of the Jedi, at least one Mon Cal will be front and centre in a leading character role.

The Mon Cal bit is accurate. We have heard the character is none other than Admiral Ackbar himself. Multiple sources once again have said that a really great Admiral Ackbar head was constructed and it looks identical to the guy in Return of the Jedi. We had also heard that the Skellig land is the only part on the planet that is habitable for Luke Skywalker. If true, it appears Luke is hiding out there, until his new apprentice comes to find him.

Here’s what I don’t like about the rumor. Star Wars: The Clone Wars renamed the planet Mon Cala and the species Mon Cal. Most likely, that’s what is canon and would be used in the film. That said, it is game of semantics and doesn’t change that they’ve built the creature for the film.

Thanks to Jedi News for sharing what they’ve heard and helping bring this out to the forefront. We back them up on this 100% about the creature shop having built Admiral Ackbar.


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