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Star Wars Legacy and Star Wars: Episode VII rumors are not that similar.

Star Wars Legacy is set 138 years after Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. But with Star Wars Legends taking on the mantle as non-canon stories in the Star Wars universe, many will discount that. They believe the rumors around Star Wars: Episode VII are really similar to the Star Wars Legacy. The similarities are not really that great.

The first similarity between the comic and wide-spread rumor pertains to the finding of a lightsaber:


Ania Solo, in Star Wars Legacy gets a load of junk at her junk shop. She finds the saber with her Mon Cal buddy. They know it is worth money. Adventure begins.

In Star Wars: Episode VII, according to rumors, a mechanical hand holding Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber if heading towards a planet’s surface, followed by a crashing ship. Daisy Ridley’s character sees the crash and like Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back, goes to check it out. She finds the saber. She brings it to John Boyega’s character, a friend of hers,  and they receive a message from Luke Skywalker stating if you find this weapon, “I’m dead” and “return it to my family.” They probably feel they’re going to be rich.

The plot device is superficially similar. This saber takes them to the Solo/Skywalkers and on their adventure. John Boyega is not playing a Mon Cal in Star Wars: Episode VII. That story about a certain Mon Cal being in the new film is nowhere near as big of a role as the Mon Cal’s role is in Star Wars: Episode VII as far as we know.  Also, we know from Star Wars: The Clone Wars that lightsabers are worth a lot, so anyone finding one, especially anyone poor, is going to see it as a financial opportunity of sorts. Ania feels the saber is hers “by right of salvage.” The bad guy is like “Give me back my junk!”

In Star Wars: Legacy the saber belongs to this guy:

bring me my lightsaber

Also known as the opposite of this guy:



Before we move on, lets point out that this:

Big monsters

Is about as similar as this:


Coincidences happen.

There are just certain things you will find in Star Wars stories. There are commonalities. There are those that think this comic would never have been allowed to come out because of the work being done on Star Wars: Episode VII. However, putting up rules on the EU at the time would have been telling. Communication also wasn’t that clear and people didn’t know if their jobs were secure and who was doing what with the big change. It seems unlikely to me that Dark Horse was really being given much insight into anything, especially with their license not being renewed. By the same note, the story team at Lucasfilm was working off of Lucas’ treatments, not some Dark Horse comics.  Perhaps I’m presumptuous, but I think things were and are functioning on a “new to know” basis.  A story about a comic set 138 years after the events of A New Hope was surely placed in the “doesn’t need to know” pile at that confusing and transitional period for Lucasfilm. Coincidence.

Now, the John Boyega character rumors are entirely different. In Star Wars Legacy the black male lead is a knight. In Star Wars: Episode VII he’s said to be a Stormtrooper that has defected to the “other side.” But you know, they’re both black men. They’re both probably related to Lando too, right? Of course not, that’s silly.

No Boyega

Based on the concept art referenced in rumors, Daisy Ridley’s character is using a lightsaber. We’ve heard Boyega does too but the point is it isn’t really that similar other than a black man and a white woman teaming up. It isn’t exactly that crazy, believe it or not. It might happen again one day in this universe or maybe even our own! What!? Yeah. Seriously.

So exactly how is it that a white woman, a black man, an IG series type droid and a Mon Cal being chased because of a lightsaber appear to be similar to a story where a white woman and a black man seek out Han Solo and then search for Luke Skywalker? I just don’t see it. I could keep writing this article for days. The point is, half the fan community who bought into this idea that states all the rumors are false because of comic books, never read the comic series! The other half doesn’t know all the rumors or they read them so lazily and quickly they bought it.

Star Wars: Legacy and the Star Wars: Episode VII rumors are barely the same unless you put all your focus on gender and race.

One last thing.

This guy with red eyes or without:


Who is like this guy from the Marvel Comics vintage series:


Is not this guy:


They are not similar at all. They’re intentions are not similar and they are just both cyborgs. Like Vidian in A New Dawn, Darth Vader, General Grievous, and countless other characters.

If you really truly believe this comic and these new rumors are linked, I have failed you, Anakin. I have failed you.

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