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Star Wars Rebels doesn’t do flashbacks, Star Wars: Episode VII, maybe?

At the Star Wars: A New Dawn panel, Pablo Hidalgo elaborated on the idea of flashbacks at 4:20 (dude…) of this video:


“But one of the conventions, as far as Star Wars storytelling goes, AT LEAST AS REBELS, is (concerned) we don’t do flashbacks.”

It was widely missed, even by us on the podcast this week, that he specifically states for Star Wars Rebels. With all the rumors going on from Latino Review and even MakingStarWars.net today, it appears that clarification might be needed. It doesn’t mean what we posted or what Latino Review posted was a accurate, but Mr. Hidalgo is clearly only talking about Star Wars: Rebels in that panel video. So don’t harass him and say he lied to us if any of this stuff ends up being accurate.

We now have stuff about a young Leia in the film, stuff about Darth Vader and his acolyte, and even Ewoks being attacked in a second battle for Endor (or 3rd if you count Battle for Endor).

I still don’t love the idea of the seventh chapter in the story breaking convention should it happen in Star Wars: Episode VII. I think the stand-alone spin-offs are fine to do whatever they want and break all the rules. But if VII does it and it pays off, well then it will have been worth it, I suppose.

Make sure you pick up Star Wars: A New Dawn if you haven’t pre-ordered yet!


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