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Who owns the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars: Episode VII?

I’m on my San Francisco vacation to visit family and see Guardians of the Galaxy, which seriously rocked. But I can’t resist a little Star Wars blogging when I have a chance.

Da7e over at Latino Review did his weekly round up. I suggest heading over there if you need to get caught up. What I found interesting was the bit about the Falcon he dropped. I speculated as much on last week’s Now, This is Podcasting!

Latino Review:

The bad news is that Han Solo and Chewie lost the Millennium Falcon and Oscar Isaac’s character owns it now. I don’t know if Han’s new position as wife of a princess and man with kids made him want to settle down or if the Falcon is this universe’s most gambled ship (sorry Lando!), but Han and Chewbacca don’t have the Falcon because Oscar Isaacs has it.

I speculated on this idea for two reasons: We know the heroes hire mercenaries (probably). If Han Solo lost the ship to a young guy, because that guy is the younger version of him, basically, why not hire that young man for a job as important as saving Luke Skywalker? The other side of the rumor we’ve heard is that Han commands a capital starship, no longer needing the Falcon and his son has inherited it. But I don’t stand by any of that, that’s just the things that have flown through our inbox.

Well, I’m going back to my vacation! See Guardians of the Galaxy. It isn’t Star Wars, but there’s no reason a Star Wars fan won’t love it as much as a I did!


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