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Adam Driver says Star Wars: Episode VII is “all about character and story.”

Our friends at Jedi News noticed this WSJ interview with Adam Driver on Star Wars: Episode VII:

You’re filming “Star Wars” now. Is it a real departure for you?

Yeah, I’ve never done anything on this scale before. It’s a very exciting project to be involved with. I love it. When I first met J.J. [Abrams, director], it was all about character and story. That was the first thing out of his mouth, so that’s what we’ve been working on. So, even though it is a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it’s still very human. It’s not taking a back seat to effects or the spectacle of it.

What’s after “Star Wars”?

I’m going to shoot a movie with Martin Scorsese called “Silence” at the end of the year. In my mind, working with him is the tip of the spear. I grew up watching all his movies and studying them.

After seeing how well Star Wars Rebels handled story and character, I very confident in this film and Driver’s words do not make that any less so. Of course, saying a movie is about story and character is still totally subjective because there are going to be effects and spectacle and sometimes those things shine brighter for some people than others.


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