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Brian’s Star Wars Rebels: Zeb to the Rescue! Review

World of Reading Star Wars Rebels: Zeb to the Rescue Level 1

Brian Piekut’s Zeb to the Rescue Review

Zeb seems to be the lovable muscle of the series. Someone that is strong enough to rip the arms off a gundark but sweet enough to want to give a good cuddle.

Zeb to the Rescue is a title that is targeted to the very youngest members of fandom. It tells a quick tale that gives a bit of backstory to the big guy from the Rebels crew. In a nutshell, it can be summarized as “Zeb is big and strong and he helps people in need without accepting a reward.”

If your child is a fan of Zeb, then this is a tie-in that they will love. It’s a great little quick story that can be read aloud in less than 10 minutes. If they are at the point of beginning reading, it is written well in the sense that words are simple enough to grasp, while the story is complete enough to give a sense of reward when they reach the end.

The only caveat I have in recommending it is that the story strikes me as just a bit violent. A large part of the tale is that Zeb likes to smash Stormtrooper’s heads together. Of course, you all know your own children best and I’m not saying all of them will necessarily emulate this part of Zeb’s character. However, if you are already driven crazy by your youngling Hulk-smashing everything in the house, it may be something worth paying a second thought to.


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