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Getting Starstruck by Star Wars by Amanda Ward

The first time I ever met a celebrity was when I was still in womb. Apparently. My mother was pregnant with me and ran into Jimmy Dean of Jimmy Dean sausages at a casino (it was the 80’s). I think it’s more silly than cool that I “met” that guy. (Jason note: by this rationale, I have met Mick Jagger)

The first celebrity I met as a fully formed human was Danny Glover. I admit to being really totally star struck in his presence. He randomly walked into my work and I remember telling my younger co-workers and them not really knowing who he was. Regardless I was determined to let him know I thought he was cool. I asked if I could shake his hand and told him I loved his work. I felt sort of strange after because I remember feeling really honored to be in his presence yet I realized he was just a dude who did a job that many people have seen and he was wearing those weird shoes with toes built in. I definitely felt kind of silly for caring so much about seeing him.

The only other celebrities I’ve encountered or met are all Star Wars stars.

savage_poster At the screening of season 3’s Savage Opress arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles I got to see Dave Filoni, Amanda Lucas, Jamie King, Clancy Brown, Dee Bradley Baker, James Arnold Taylor, Catherine Taber, Matt Lanter, Ashley Eckstein and Sam Witwer. I remember not really realizing Witwer was there until later and then wondering what he was doing there.

That night my husband and I got to talk to Dave Filoni briefly. I really didn’t feel that star struck around him. He came off as just a hard working dude who likes Star Wars and I guess because I’ve never seen him in anything on the big screen, he didn’t have that pretentious “star” quality for me, even though he is definitely a celebrity in his own right.

A couple years later at a Return of the Jedi screening again at the Egyptian Theater, I saw many of those same people again. This time I didn’t get too close to anyone, but I remember being a little star  struck by Witwer because I had finally seen Being Human and more of his work. There was so much going on that day, and we were there from like 10 am to 10 pm plus I was pregnant with my son at the time so I felt off and on ill all day and I didn’t get much a chance to fawn over “stars”. At the very end of the evening Mark Hamill came to give us a talk about Jedi and a little bit about his other work. It was incredible to get to hear him talk about Star Wars but I think I was honestly too tired to be star struck.

Recently I got to attend a screening of Star Wars Rebels in Burbank at Disney Animation Studious. I felt very star struck just being in those iconic buildings. Again I got to see Dave Filoni, and Ashley Eckstein, whom I got to speak to, and I finally got to talk to Clancy Brown. Brown’s character Savage Opress is in my top 3 favorite Star Wars characters so this time I made sure to tell Mr. Brown. He really didn’t seem to care (he wasn’t rude though). He wasn’t ungracious but I clearly acted like a dork and he clearly realized it. My family and friends all laughed about it later.

I definitely felt super star struck talking with Ashley Eckstein who voices Ashsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I think it’s kind of hard for a female Star Wars fan not to look up to Ashley. She’s such a huge fangirl and has done so much for other Star Wars fan girls. I look at her and I just think “what a freaking awesome lady”. Ashley’s such a laid back and sweet person though that she instantly puts everyone at ease in her presence. You can tell she’s incredibly grateful to get to do what she does and I’m so glad that she’s a part of the Star Wars family.


This coming Saturday I get to go with some of the team to a press junket for Star Wars Rebels. The entire cast and Executive Producer Dave Filoni will be in attendance. Needless to say I’m worried about acting like a dork already.

The Star Wars Rebels cast have been so inviting to fans already and it’s clear they’re so proud of their work and being members of the Star Wars family. I want to do right by them as a fan. Also as a fan lucky enough to attend such an event, I want to make sure I represent my friends in the fandom accordingly!  I’m pretty excited to meet everyone but I’m actually a little nervous about meeting Vanessa Marshall. Vanessa has shown already how much she truly loves Star Wars fans. I want her to like me and not forget me. I want to be a great example of how awesome Star Wars  fans can be. Only time will tell if I can be cool or if I come off at a total dweeb. Don’t get me wrong. I am actually a dweeb, but I’ve got to at least try to sound intelligent.

Star Wars Rebels is out now on the Watch Disney XD app for verified subscribers and premiers Friday October 3rd on the Disney Channel.


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