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Highly Suspect Star Wars: Episode VII rumored scenes and dialog.

There’s a lot of rumors swirling around out there this week and with nothing official on the horizon, the fakers are having a field day. They’re everywhere I tell you! Thanks to forums, a lot of the rumors get to permeate without any verification. I don’t really get a strong sense this stuff has any validity. But I figure it will go around, we might as well trace the origin so if it pans out, we know there’s other valuable information there or we know the genesis of the hot garbage. The punctuation and spelling is pretty awful (even worse than mine) which once again makes it seem like this has no validity. But we’re getting emails about it now, so we might as well tackle this turd head on!

A user on the Star Wars 7 News forum going by King3000 says:

Daisy arrives to Cantina in search of Han or Luke I believe. She is confronted by an alien, she lifts her blaster to him, he then takes it from her hand “Don’t point a blaster at someone if you are not going to use it” and points it at her. At this point Chewie (With arm Bandaged/In a Sling) intimidates the alien, “What good is a one armed wookie” Chewie then rips the guys arm off and hands the blaster back to Daisy.

I have a hard time believing we see a Wookiee rip a guy’s arm off on screen. The joke is that Chewbacca pulls “people’s arms out of their sockets” when he loses. He doesn’t rip people’s arms off because they want to start some stuff in a cantina.

I also find this particularly telling:

Cut to the outside of the Cantina as a Planet/Moon is blown up outside, Han is present here (Weaqring a thin cut, waist length leather jacket, boots etc, a “Matching outfit”) oh and he still has his blaster

They’re filming this movie now. The language used in the piece implies this is set information (noting that Boyega was present).  When you know its cutting to Han at a different location, that implies editing. I don’t see how someone would know the  succession of scenes as they are not filmed in order and we are not following a character from inside the Cantina to the exterior shot. Once again, that makes this highly suspect to me.

There’s a bunch of information like Nien Nunb returning, Boyega is dressed in rags, and moons exploding (not sure if that means a butt or a real moon). If you have nothing else better going on in your life, read the whole thing.

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