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Speculatation: John Boyega is working on a cartoon. Could it be Star Wars Rebels related?

Actors act. Dumb statement, right? But when you’re in Star Wars and you start working on anything that might be related to spin-off material, it is worth asking, speculating, and wondering about. On John Boyega’s Instagram he posted a photo of a recording studio stating he’s working on a cartoon. This is all speculation and just me thinking wouldn’t it be cool if it was Star Wars related.






















We have been struck by how similar John Boyega’s character sounds in Star Wars: Episode VII to the character of Zare Leonis:















Not because both characters are black, but because both are young Stormtroopers that defy the Empire (if the Star Wars: Episode VII rumors are correct). Once again, this is speculation, but Jedi News ran a rumor a while back stating that a character in Star Wars: Episode VII would bet set up in Star Wars Rebels. The initial thought was that David Oyelowo was this character but it turned out he was playing Agent Kallus. Still, was there truth to the rumor, did things change, or might we still see this idea of a lineage come about on Star Wars Rebels?

The original plan Jedi News reported for Oyelowo:

I am being told that not only will he be in Episode 7 but the plan is for him to also be in Rebels playing a character that sets up his Episode VII character! All part of the major EpVII co-ordinated push being pulled together by Simon Kinberg and the first major sign that Rebels will be the vehicle to setup the masses for EpVII fever!!

There have been rumors of a large announcement for Star Wars Rebels coming in the very near future. I think it would be cool if Boyega’s father was set up in Star Wars Rebels and voiced by him as well. We still do not know who is voice young Zare Leonis. Was the rumor ever true? Who knows! But it is fun to imagine this might be the case. Perhaps John Boyega’s character in VII redeems the sins of the father in Rebels, should he remain a Stormtrooper?

Or maybe, as in mostlikely, Boyega is lending a voice to a random cartoon like actors do because actors act. It should also be noted that his IMDb page does not currently have any feature animated films listed.

Thanks to Nicholas Diak for the heads up!





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