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What are most likely fake Star Wars: Episode VII dailies.

So this video was just shared with me via @Greendale68 on Twitter and I think it will be making the rounds now. I believe it is a hoax and I don’t see a lot of reason to think otherwise at this point.

I still kind of think the Bad Robot Logo or especially Lucasfilm would be on the video footage and not Disney’s logo. I could be wrong, but I think that’s probably the most telling sign. These sorts of things don’t generally have writing on the bottom that says is in the frame like “Luke’s Refuge” and “Skellig Micheal, Ireland.” Why would an editor care? At best I think this is someone that went to the location and filmed these sequences as a hoax and there’s no telling if that’s even that location. We also never see Mark Hamill and that makes me think this is totally a hoax. I hate to even post it but if I don’t know I know I will get a messages about it all week.

Speaking of dumb, this one is even dumber and less creative and has been sent to me numerous times by friends asking if its from Rebels (its not):

Clearly, the soundtrack can’t exist yet. They haven’t filmed the movie so why would they record the music? Hopefully we get some real footage or teases here soon and it makes these fake teases harder to put out there.

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