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Miltos Yerolemou Joins Episode VII Cast?

Jedi News picked up the latest Star Wars: Episode VII news from BBC. Miltos Yerolemou, most recently known for his portrayal of Syrio Forel in the Game of Thrones television series, has joined the cast of the sequel installment.

Actor Miltos Yerolemou, best known for his role in the first series of fantasy drama Game of Thrones, has joined the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII.

He played expert and athletic swordsman Syrio Forel in Thrones and has taken on several other parts which involve sword fighting during his career.

His extensive experience will inevitably lead to speculation that he may use a lightsabre in the film.

However, his character in Star Wars is not thought to be a major one.


Syrio Forel was an instructor hired by Ed Stark to train his daughter, Arya Stark, in the basics of sword fighting. Given his way with the sword, he definitely fits the Jedi type, but he could also be a background villain wielding a lightsaber of his own. After all, there are rumors and theories of Jedi hunters, so his skill could be used either for the light side or the dark.

Yerolemou (pronounced Yur-rel-le-mou) can be found on Twitter.

EDIT: Jason here. We heard Miltos Yerolemou was potentially the new swordmaster of Star Wars: Episode VII back in November after someone read our article about Nick Gillard not returning. It didn’t totally add up at the time (he’s an actor) but now it seems maybe there was a glimmer of truth to this. I still think perhaps someone from Game of Thrones is the swordmaster?


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