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Episode 49!’s Now, This is Podcasting!’s NOW, THIS IS PODCASTING!

It’s September 20, 2014. 453 days until the release of Star Wars: Episode VII!

Randy and Jason fly (Han) solo as Johna and Jeremy are out ill (Blue Shadow Virus)!

  • Is Scott Derrickson directing a Star Wars spin-off?
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars Blu-ray Rumor!

Episode VII

  • Roger Moore on Snow Planet.
  • Millennium Falcon video is released officially (no drones)!
  • Stars visit the set of Star Wars: Episode VII!
  •  Greenham Common set information!
  • Are the rumors about Driver and Christie wrong?
  • EW interviewed Anthony Daniels!

Star Wars Rebels

  • New episode descriptions!
  • A tease of what’s to come from Now, This is Podcasting!’s Star Wars Rebels coverage and interviews!

Pod People

  • Kevin has a whacky idea and we help him out.

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