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UPDATE! Is Oxforshire the filming location for Endor in Star Wars: Episode VII??

With recent filming at the Greenham Common base for Star Wars: Episode VII continues near by, crew members around the area would need directions to every filming location around, such as we’ve seen when they were filming at Puzzlewood (Unit Base sign).




There has been recent tweets with familiar looking signs spotted around Oxfordshire about an hour north of Greenham Common. With this sign here:


Why they would blatantly say Endor is rather curious to say the least, unless they’re using that famous planets name as a code name which would be interesting and throw people off, but who knows! My guess is that it would be a code name considering everyone and their mother knows that filming is taking place near by.

Thanks for sharing Kieran Thomas!

EDIT: In case it isn’t clear, we aren’t saying we think Endor is in the film. We are saying these signs are there.


UPDATE: Thanks to our good friend Josh whom we asked to investigate a little further about the location and see what he could find about it, and he came back with some info for us.

Speaking with some locals he found out that there IS filming going on in Oxforshire at the Didcot Railway Centre but the signs refer to the “Endor Productions” company whom are currently to be believed filming a “period piece”, possibly a WWII film. It was said that the possibility is slim to none that it would be anything related to our beloved franchise especially considering this isn’t a very Star Wars like location.

Didcot_Railway_Centre didcot2 didcot3


Thanks again Josh! Great work!


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