Rumor: Recent 4K Star Wars Conversions rejected?

Today I’m sharing a rumor. It isn’t a fact.

Back in July, Reliance Media Works showed off their image processing reel. Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back were featured. No one knew what to expect from these conversions. It was never clear what these were going to be used for in the near future. A theatrical re-release of the original trilogy would be a big deal and there’s not much time for something like that with all the new films coming in about a year.

There are credible rumors of an iTunes releases of the films in the very near future and my guess was we would see these on iTunes and digital media retailers in 1080p sourced from this conversion. But why not just use the Blu-ray work for that release? 4K televisions are here but they’re not exactly in everyone’s homes yet and releasing a film in 4K today would not necessarily net huge rewards immediately. It was never clear what the immediate purpose was behind the 4K work. It just seemed to be future proofing. If they needed it, they’d have it.

Since last Friday, I have heard from two disparate sources that the word is those conversions are not going to get a release. That’s the rumor.

Is it common to pay for a 4K conversion and then decide it isn’t adequate enough? I have no idea. It sounds expensive. This is far from my field of expertise.

If you’re really disappointed, remember, these weren’t even announced beyond Reliance Media Works using the footage in their demo. So if the rumor is accurate, don’t feel like something was taken from us. I have to think if it was shelved, that means they care about doing it right.




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