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Unverified Rumors about Adam Driver’s character in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Our friend Jeff Towne emailed us to let know of an interesting rumor.

There’s a person on the Star Wars 7 News Forums claiming to know a lot about Adam Driver’s character.

For all the details they claim to know, they don’t seem to know his name. That’s kind of a big problem I have with all of this stuff. People claim to know the ins and outs of a character but not the character’s name? That kind of doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t mean it isn’t real, but it does make me raise an eyebrow. They even say what his name isn’t (Darth), but not what it is. I’m not saying it is real or fake, simply that always makes me scratch my head a little bit and it is always worth noting.

The poster claim that Driver’s character is a rich aristocratic heir of an imperial family with a lot of influence. Having a high propensity for the Force, he succumbs to the dark side of the Force at a fairly young age. He uses his fortune to travel the galaxy buying up Sith artifacts.

When Luke Skywalker disappears, the young aristocrat begins to hear voices commanding him to do things. He starts to hunt down every young Force user around Daisy Ridley and John Boyega’s age. Driver is commanded to kill Luke Skywalker’s apprentice and that’s is who is searching for as the film opens. He has no idea Daisy Ridley is the person he’s searching for in actuality. However, at the start the film he’s hunting Boyega to cross him off the list, so to speak. He uses his power and influence to board Boyega’s Star Destroyer and kill him. Boyega has no idea who Driver is or what he’s all about. Boyega escapes and decides he’s out of the Empire and that whole whacky game altogether. There is supposedly a scene where he eventually reveals who he really is to Boyega and Ridley (a dark side obsessed psycho).

For the rest of the film Boyega is on the run from Driver. According to the message board poster, Driver is using all of his power to hunt down Boyega, which ends up meaning Han, his son with Leia, Ridley, Issac, and Chewie are on the run from Driver and his resources (presumably after they take the Saber of Luke Skywalker to Han Solo).

Eventually we see that Driver is a pawn of this more powerful dark entity, and he’s nothing more than a religious zealot. He’s misguided and is being used by the real villain. It doesn’t sound like things end up very well for him either.

It is worth noting that Driver’s hair does look pretty freakin’ aristocratic in the film. Driver has also claimed the movie is about what happens to people when they are not loved enough. This story also interfaces with the deeper plot elements known and unknown to the public. It is sort of silly to trust it outright, but in the age of Mizzlewump, might as well give it a try. Could this explain why we have chrome Stormtroopers different from the standard Stormtroopers in the film?

It could all be untrue, but it is a fun story, at least.


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