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Is Scott Derrickson directing a future Star Wars film and which one?

Jedi News is reporting a rumor they’ve heard:

We don’t yet know if it refers to Episode IX or the third standalone film, but we’re hearing through the grapevine that Scott Derrickson, the man who helmed The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day The Earth Stood Still and who is directing 2016’s Doctor Strange, is in line for a Star Wars project.

I heard this just once. I have to admit, I did not take it seriously because of Doctor Strange. I also have to admit we hear a lot of these kinds of rumors but I think Derrickson is not a “go to” fan service choice and I think their rumor might have some merit.  Jedi News isn’t the type of site that drops anything they hear, so perhaps this is in the works after all? Very interesting! Thanks to Jedi News for sharing their rumor.

My first instinct is to say, if Rian Johnson is not writing and directing Star Wars: Episode IX after he does VIII, maybe Derrickson is? But that’s so far out and so is the post Gareth Edwards / Josh Trank stand-alone movie (rumored to be Red 5 based on internal Hasbro documentation). However, we did recently hear from a source that an Obi-Wan film may be in the works too. Has Lucasfilm lumped a 4th spin-off film into the works already? That would be awesome if so. We’ll have to see what happens!


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