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Simon Kinberg talks Star Wars Rebels, Inquisitor and dodges Episode VII question!

Empire spoke to Simon Kinberg about Star Wars of course.  Kinberg spoke briefly about the Inquisitor when discussing Star Wars: Episode VII:

What we do know is that The Inquisitor is “less of a believer in the Empire and the cause of the Empire than perhaps Darth Vader, and more of a hunting dog.” So not a Sith, per se? “I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say about that, but no, per se.”

This also makes me really happy:

“We are not afraid to take those characters to some dark places. In the first season, there are some backstories that get revealed for main characters that are a lot darker and more dramatic than anything I’ve ever seen in animated TV, and which have the same depth and childhood trauma that the characters in the movies had.”

I’m not the kind of person that thinks Star Wars should be dark. But I do think it is positive they are willing to take the heroes down some holes which will transform them and help them grow for better or worse.

When asked about the Inquisitor popping up in Star Wars: Episode VII Kinberg jokingly said:

On Star Wars I get a Force Choke when I start saying things I shouldn’t say.

The show is great. The characters are good. I say let them in the film if they fit.

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