Sir Roger Moore Reveals Tidbit about his STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Set Visit!

Graham Norton had an interview with former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore on his BBC Radio 2 show and during the talk, the former 007 admitted to having visited the Star Wars: Episode VII set. When asked about the filming, Moore said:

They were filming something with a lot of mountains and snow.

This lines up with the oft repeated rumor of a mountainous snow planet covered with trees. It’s also interesting to note, Sir Roger Moore admits to having not signed a non-disclosure agreement, so if you happen to run into him, maybe hit him up for some more info and send it our way?

The Episode VII related bits start at 1:48:52 and runs to about 1:50:00. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go listen to the theme to my favorite of Sir Moore’s Bond films, Live and Let Die, a couple of times.

(via StarWars7News)


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