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Star Wars: Episode VII and the future of Chrome Stormtroopers.

The future of Star Wars isn’t one where all the Stormtroopers are simply white armor sets with black detailing. The chrome Stormtroopers are very much a real thing we will be seeing future Star Wars films. It could just be a coincidence, but we’ve recently had the black Shadow Stormtrooper at SDCC. Now in 2015, we’re going to have Lego sets with Chrome Stormtroopers of the classic design. It almost appears as if we are being prepped for the concept of the iconic Stormtrooper coming in different varieties and designs. We’ve already seen this sort of stuff with Star Wars: The Clone Wars showing clone troopers personalizing their armor. However, those guys were still white with colored highlights and decals.


Today we have a little elaboration on the Chrome Stormtroopers of Star Wars: Episode VII.

There are two designs for the Chrome Stormtrooper. The commander and the trooper.

The consistent rumor has been that a main character plays the commander in the film and it is a woman.

The design of the helmet is not unlike the standard Stormtrooper “cranium.” The mouth is a little longer, the face a little longer. The eyes are a single visor like the recent EPVII Stormtrooper helmet that is out there. But the eyes point up at the corner and down, almost like if the visor intersected with an X on both ends. x——x Unlike the classic Stormtrooper design, there is no black band above the eyes.

This last bit of info also ties into some recent rumors:

The word is the Chrome Troopers are the personal guard of the new villain of EPVII.

The Chrome Stormtrooper is a rumor with a lot legs that is not going away and is very much something we will see on screen in 2015.


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